People who believe they can change the world – Are the ones who do!!!


I believe you have the power to change your life, those of others, and the world around you!!!

I recently wrote a quote on Facebook:

“You don’t need to put a chip in your brain to have super powers, all of the super powers are already within you, they just need unlocking” – Quote by Sandra Bellamy

A lot of people don’t realise that all of the will power, intuition, determination and resources to succeed are already within you. You have to have a can-do, nothing will stop you attitude. When everyone else is saying, ‘can’t’, you need to ask ‘how?’ and start to work it out. That is why the journey is more important than the destination, because of all the life lessons, skills and experience you pick up along the way, on the road to your dreams!!

If you could change the world, what would you do??

Sandra xx

Don’t Miss The Opportunity That Lies Before You!!

Don’t miss the opportunity that lies before you.

Don’t neglect it!

Don’t refuse to see it! 

Don’t choose not to believe it.

Live it, love it, run with it!

Because life is way too short to not allow yourself to try something out. If nothing else, you will learn an important lesson on the journey of life!!

Only The Brave!! Motivational/Inspirational Poem By Sandra Bellamy


Only the brave make it through the night;
When it’s full of darkness and toil and fright.

Only the brave can see the light
And move forward to the bright.

Only the brave will see a project through; take action; and just ‘do’.

Only the brave will be willing to do what other’s won’t, who say I can’t, or I don’t.

Only the brave will know their mind, will love themselves, and be kind.

Only the brave will be strong enough, to wear their heart on their sleeve, even when it’s tough.

Only the brave will do what’s right; not cheat, lie, or provoke a fight.

Only the brave will do what has never been done before, and then some more!

Only the brave will believe that which they can’t see, with faith in their own intuition, it will be!

Only the brave will face their fear head on, and push through it, and become strong!!

Only the brave will read this, say, and see, THAT’S ME!!!

Are opportunities, distractions in disguise?

I have an entrepreneur “friend” on Facebook and every so often she will ask me how I am, closely followed by an amazing opportunity!

There was a time when I would have probed further, discovered more and maybe even considered attending an event or taking part in the buying process! But as my knowledge has grown substantially since 2012, when my entrepreneurial journey began, I now know the majority of opportunities just from the ‘leading’ words up to it and finally I can switch off the temptation of finding out more and being distracted from my current missions, thereby lowering my productivity.

And now I want my own dreams so badly, and to follow my own entrepreneurial path, to the point where my body cannot take hardly any new “opportunity” that comes my way, and I have to say no!
In fact, this person makes me feel angry every time they bring up another opportunity! To the point where I want to scream, “I want to get my own dreams”. I feel I have done enough training for what I need to know, and now is the year to focus on implementation and productivity. I think the anger I feel, is a reflection of the frustration I feel, at not yet achieving as much as I should. I am now using this anger to motivate me to achieve my dreams at more super speed, turbo boost rate! As well as playing these two songs, to reinforce that mindset and motivation, to get ahead faster! And it’s working! So far, so good!

Passion Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy!!


Passion Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy!!

You have to have passion in what you do, otherwise you are just going through the motions living someone else’s dream!! Yes, it will be tough and there may be heartache and pain to reach your destination, but you will get there in the end, because I believe in you, and you believe in you, in your mission, in your dreams and in your life!!!

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