Your redundancy is a minor setback

Hi everyone

Your redundancy is a minor setback on the path to fulfilling your dreams. It is a bump in the road.

Treat the path ahead of you, as a wonderful new adventure.

Smell the fresh air.
Look up to the stars.
Let life radiate its beauty and surround you with love, joy and happiness.

Begin afresh, embrace the new, life is about living and looking forward too.

Realise that you have the power to create an amazing future for yourself.

Listen to your heart’s desires, needs and wants. Nourish the creativity of your brain. Empower yourself to always feel great about you.

See the good in yourself and banish the bad from your life. Be around positive people, places and things that make you happy. Enjoy every minute of time.

You are no longer left behind, you are in charge and leading the way ahead.

Live life to the fullest and be true to who you are. Be the greatest you, that there can be. No one is better at being you, than yourself.

Stay positive

Sandra Bellamy

About quirkybooks

During my seventeen years in retail, I have worked my way up from a part time Sales Assistant to being in Management for over 7 years. Part of my role as a Manager, was to interview, recruit, train and coach staff. I have been made redundant twice and have therefore also experienced the recruitment process from the point of view of a potential employee. It is from my experience that I feel I can help others to beat redundancy blues and get back into work. I have set up a blog and two websites and to help people who are redundant to get back into work. I am founder of which is an ongoing project designed to publish a variety of my books, including ones to help people who are redundant to get back into work. I also want to use it as a platform for new illustrators to show off their talent. You can view my quirkybooks writing blog at

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