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Remain Active, Remain Motivated During Redundancy

Hi Everyone.

Whilst you are redundant it is important to keep yourself active by:

  • Seeking work: Surf the web, go to the job centre, look in shop windows, buy the paper, talk to your contacts, upload your CV to job sites, contact agencies in your field of expertise, keep looking and never give up.
  • Applying for jobs: It may sound stupid but if you keep telling yourself there is no work out there, you will begin to believe it. There are jobs out there but there are more people going for the one vacancy and competition is at an all time high. Tailor your CV and Cover letter to the job for which you are applying, don’t just send out the same one to each employer. Potential employers are only interested in what you can do for them and their company and will soon pick up on anything that seems like it’s not applicable to them, putting you firmly in the rejected pile. Highlight your skills in relation to that specific role.  Do your research, sell your relevant skills and sell yourself.
  • Doing voluntary work:  Is a great way of learning new skills, boosting your self confidence and self esteem and is a fantastic addition to your CV. You are more likely to get work if you can prove to a potential employer that you are capable of work.
  • Hobbies and interests:  Make sure you pursue these.  It is important not to stagnate and become depressed.

To stay motivated, besides doing the above, you must set yourself realistic goals and tick them off when you have achieved each one. Without goals, you do not know where you are headed and you will never achieve your dreams. 

Remember – Stay positive.
Sandra Bellamy

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