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Dreams ARE Real interview

Sandra Bellamy, otherwise known as The Asexual Entrepreneur, is a successful Author with her own book publishing imprint, Quirky Books. She is most famous for hosting her own asexual live chat show on her Asexualise My Asexual Life channel, in which she coaches and advises asexuals (those who lack sexual attraction), on love, life, dating, relationships, and so much more. She has had over 405,000 views on that channel.

She’s also the founder of Make Money Make Cash, teaching you how to make money online using Amazon KDP to publish and sell books, and how to use Vinted, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace to sell your pre-loved items and more. All of which are essential to know if you’ve been made redundant, or you’re out of work for any reason.

Selling personal items for quick cash, really helped Sandra to get through some tough times, especially after she was made redundant and out of work. As you likely know, if you live in the UK, benefits are not usually enough to live on, Facebook Marketplace is a particularly good way to get quick cash if you need extra money for food, whereas publishing books on Amazon using KDP, takes time, especially as KDP usually sends you payments 2 months is arrears.

Whether you want to hire Sandra to train or mentor you or your team, you can contact Sandra in the following ways:

On Facebook:


Mobile: 07932 768970

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