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How To Know Your Life Purpose In 5 Minutes!

This How To Know Your Life Purpose In 5 Minutes, is one of my most favourite TedX Talks ever.

Did your learn your life purpose in 5 minutes! Did it confirm things for you? What did you learn from this? Comment below!

Stay positive

Sandra xx

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Inspirational Quote To Help You Find Your Purpose!

things are not random quote

“The things that excite you are not random, they are connected to your purpose, follow them.”

Just imagine living a life you are passionate about, one which always intrigues you and also helps you on your own life journey. Imagine doing things daily which excite you, which make you feel it is worthwhile getting out of bed in the morning, which makes you come alive and feel great, and which you could do every single day of your life happily, even if you don’t get paid for it!

The things which excite you and make you feel alive are the very thing you were put on this earth to do and be involved with, so go and do them, because the one thing stopping them is yourself!

If you have intuition that lets you know you should be doing something and no matter how hard you try to go away from it like a boomerang it will keep coming back, it is because it is part of your life purpose and mission and you must fulfil it as part of your destiny! You know what you have to do, so go and do it and don’t look back!

As always, stay positive and achieve your dreams.

Love Sandra xx

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How To Get Your Life Back On Track #life #hacks

August was a tough month and so was September as you know if you saw my last blog post. And even though September didn’t go according to plan, and burnout crept upon me (thank goodness I got the blu ray player), I still think this is an invaluable video to help you get your life back on track and to help you know you are not alone in your struggles! And taking time out in September to get better helped me to reflect and know what I have to do and REALLY want to do! And listening to this video again after my illness serves as a fantastic reminder of how to get and keep your mind and life on track!

To summarise how to get your life back on track:

  • Write down what you want in the future!
  • Write down what would make you happy now!
  • Write a love letter to yourself!
  • Write down your feelings and emotions!
  • Write down your passions, goals and dreams!
  • Write down your skills from your job.
  • Write down your hobbies and interests.
  • Don’t think, just do it!
  • Take action now!

Which is your best advice from the video! Comment below – I love to read you!

Until next, stay positive and work towards your dreams.

Love Sandra xx


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How To Overcome Your Fears To Live Your Dreams: 16 Practical Ways For Overcoming Your Fears

Living fears.facebook-photo

This quote by motivational speaker Les Brown says it all. The reason we are not living our dreams, is because we are living our fears. Fears hold us back from accomplishing our dreams, so we must reduce our fears, so that we can live more of our dreams. We reduce our fears by:

  1. Facing them head on and doing the thing we fear the most.
  2. Finding a workaround solution.
  3. Learning new competencies and skills to be more confident that we can do whatever we put our mind to.
  4. Believing in our ability to figure things out even if we don’t know how right now.
  5. Believing everything happens for a reason, even if the reason is not apparent at the time.
  6. Setting goals and taking action on them, then monitoring our results and improving upon them.
  7. Acknowledging there will be difficulties and difficult times in your life and that is okay.
  8. See obstacles as challenges you will gladly overcome.
  9. Loving yourself no matter what happens.
  10. Focusing on feeling grateful and thankful for everything you have right now in your life.
  11. Reflecting on the past, to learn from it but not dwell on it and not wanting it to change but believing you did the best you could do at the time.
  12. Living for now, in the moment, as you never know when your last breath will be
  13. Planning for the future in a practical way by sitting down and writing out a one year, two year, and/or five year plan, and monthly plan, daily plan, with solutions on how to make those plans come to fruition and working those plans every day by taking action on them.
  14. Giving up things which make you feel bad, sad, uneasy, or unhappy.
  15. Constantly taking action to achieve goals, however big or small, because that builds momentum and drive to move forward in your life and puts those fears and worries out of your mind.
  16. Schedule in time for fun and self-dating and being at one with your soul, and make it happen.

I hope that helps you? Please let know what think and if you have any more you would like to add?

Until next time, stay positive

Sandra xx

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3 Mind Hacks To Get Your Life Back On Track!

I saw this video and absolutely love it because I totally agree that you should coach yourself and be a best friend to yourself in order to get yourself back on track from having a bad day or bad time in your life.

And as a writer, I cannot agree enough. I believe that you can write your life into a better state, by changing your mind through writing.

I love the “buy tickets” part of the video, for me, I escape to the cinema and it makes me feel amazing! What do you do?

What do you think about these? Do you agree? Please comment below, I would love to read you.

Until next time, stay positive
Sandra xx

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How To React When People Don’t Support You!

I love this video. At times I think my parents think I am crazy but I can’t help being crazy!    I have to do things in my life that fulfil my goals, ambitions and dreams, no matter what anyone else says, because right now,  I may not have the financial success I would like to have, but I am the happiest I have ever been, living my life, my way, every single day!

Stay positive

Sandra xx