Redundancy Inspiration

The Greatest Showman -The Most Motivational Album I Ever Heard!

This is my very favourite motivational album. The songs are so uplifting and inspiring. If you have not seen The Greatest Showman yet, it is an absolute must-see film. One that is full of energy, beautiful songs, and a super inspiring story and message.

Here is the Trailer in case you want to go and see it, which I highly recommend!

These are my 3 favourite tracks because of the words about being yourself no matter what, quitting the 9-5 work life, and enjoying a life full of excitement on the other side.

Redundancy Inspiration


We must say thank you to those who made us happy, to those who helped us, cared for us, appreciated us, but we must also thank those who did wrong by us, because they showed us the dark, which helped us to see the light!

Stay positive.

Sandra xx

Redundancy Inspiration

What’s Your Purpose? Motivational Video!

It’s so important to use redundancy as an opportunity to find your purpose! Everyone has a purpose, they just need to find it! You can make a difference, you do matter! So what’s your purpose? If you don’t know it, while redundant, make it your full-time job to find it and do whatever it takes to achieve it!

If you want help to embrace change and break through your barriers of redundancy, I wrote a book to help you

Redundancy Inspiration


Always be true to you, stay strong and value your own worth. Leave behind those who base their lives on untruths, you will feel better for it in the long term.

Redundancy Inspiration

Happy Easter – Easter Activities Ideas!


Happy Easter Monday – what are you up to for it?

I am going to be continuing work on my first online training course, it’s called “Ignite Your Happy, How To Be Happy, Live Happy, and Feel Happy Forever”. There are a lot of videos to create, but I am enjoying the process and it will be the first course on my all new Quirky Academy when it’s launched.

Quirky Academy is a heart-centred online training centre for entrepreneurs, start-ups and creatives, who want to embrace their quirky, make their difference in the world, live their purpose, and leave a lasting legacy!!

Sandra xx