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Why Is Goal Setting Like Getting Married?

Hi everyone

When you are initially made redundant, it can be hard to think about your future, to come up with a plan for it, and to set goals. However, in order to move forward with your life, that is exactly what you need to do. Here is some good advice on how to make goals stick.

Stay positive
Sandra Bellamy

Those of you that know me personally will also know that I’m not adverse to getting out a camera at the weekend and tagging along with my husband Brett Trafford to photograph a wedding.  We were at a wedding last Friday and it started me thinking about how working with your goals is a bit like getting married, yet it so much easier to divorce our goals than our spouses.

My VVW approach to goal setting is simple and could help prevent you from divorcing your goals.

Vows – Make a commitment to yourself as you would your future spouse.  During the ceremony the couple promised so much to each other and are unlikely to break them.  Ask yourself why you find it so easy to break promises to yourself?

Value – When entering into a marriage we value the thoughts and opinions of our loved one.  Its equally important…

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3 thoughts on “Why Is Goal Setting Like Getting Married?”

  1. Hi Sandra – glad you liked this enough to reblog. I write from the heart and hope that it reaches the people that will benefit. I’ve found from personal experience that setting and committing to goals has helped me make remain to determined to carve out my new career following redundancy.

    There is s square hole out there for every square peg 🙂

    1. Yes Carolyn, I enjoyed it very much. Relating goals to something most people understand the concept of (marriage) was a very clever thing to do. I think it’s great that you are carving out a career for yourself following redundancy. I am glad you have seized redundancy as an opportunity to do something you were born to do. I have to do lists of tasks and goals every day and I love it when I can tick them off one by one.

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