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Take Back Control Of Your Life

Hi everyone

It’s important not to live your life by others, live it by what you believe is right for you.

Plenty of people will try to tell you what job you should be doing and how you should live your life. From now on, you must take control.

Redundancy can make you feel out of control and the way to get it back is for you to take ownership of the situation. Establish your needs and wants right now and in the future. Make a plan on paper about how you are going to get these needs me. Then, you need to start taking action. Write down each day and week, exactly what your goals are. At the end of that day or week, tick off what you have achieved or carry it forward to the next day or week until you have accomplished it. You should have 5 lists:

  1. Emotional needs – Upset, angry, depressed and want to feel better. Solution, see a counsellor or talk to family and friends.
  2. Personal needs – Raise your self-confidence. Solution, join a support group, try new things, buy new clothes.
  3. Professional needs – Need up-to-date skills for jobs. Solution, take a course to update skills, get work experience.
  4. Financial needs – No income. Solution, get benefits sorted and set a budget for shopping.
  5. Practical needs – To make job searches as quick and easy as possible. Solution, turn a room into an office for job hunting and visit and to get access to Job Sites, Recruitment Sites and Courses Sites from within the one site.

Remember, these are your needs, nobody else’s. If you ask other people what they think you need and want, you are not in control and it defeats the purpose, that is to put you ‘back in the driving seat of your life.’

After you have ticked off each achievement, you still need to acknowledge these successes in your diary. If you do this as positive reinforcement, your subconscious will realise the progress you are making and it will be more motivated to take conscious action.

Until next time

Stay positive

Sandra Bellamy

6 thoughts on “Take Back Control Of Your Life”

    1. I am very pleased that you found the lists in this post useful and important. I think the more we live by own own rules that we set for ourselves, the happier we can be. Although I love my family and friends, I live for what makes me happy now. I find I have more friends because of it and the people around me are more happier to be around me because I am happier with who I am.

  1. Where were you when I needed to know that, Lol, I am just figuring that out now. Now that I did, I am definetely going to make a big change. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you Sherry, I am happy I can be of help. It doesn’t matter at what stage in your life you realise this, what is important is that you do recognise it and take action. You will feel so much better for it. I used to go by what other people thought would be good for me and when I was made redundant for the second time, I knew then that I was born to write and to help others to get into work. It was a lightbulb moment. This was what I wanted to do with my life not anyone else. I also decided to learn how to build two businesses myself. Everyone said, why don’t you pay someone to do that? Why? Because I wanted to learn those skills and knowledge for myself, to boost my self-confidence and self-esteem, to make me feel good about myself and to feel I am in control. I enjoy being quirky and I am proud of it but I didn’t always show that or shout about it, now I love being called quirky and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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