6 Year Blogging Anniversary With Quirky Books – What’s In Store Next?

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Coming Soon


Today I am celebrating my 6 years blogging anniversary on my other blog – Quirky Books . If you have never visited it before – please check it out!! Quirky Books is where my writing and blogging journey began and I originally set it up to help me practice my craft of writing, find my writer’s voice, and to help other writer’s to write better. This year, I have gone back to those roots.

I want you to be one of the first to know, that coming soon, I am changing my site into an online education training centre for Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and Creatives. So if you fall into any of these categories of interests then expect courses to come, to give you the skills require in all aspects of these, taking your carer to a whole new level.

Stay positive to help beat redundancy blues.

Sandra xx


How to Improve Your Writing – Video 1

How To Improve Your Writing – Video 1. To quote Brendon Burchard, ‘Common sense is not always common practice’. In this how to improve your writing training series, I will look at some of the ways to improve your writing. This is video one of 6.

I am off from my day job for 7 days to rest; recharge; to work on my Asexual Perspectives book and go to a small asexual meet-up that I organised; catch up on admin; and create a weekly schedule for my 7 business niches now I have decided to pursue my passion of creating an Ebook store full of my own books to help you in your own personal and professional development and go for gold where Kindle is concerned.

Stay positive



Knowledge is Everything – Attitude is All!





Knowledge is Everything – Attitude is All!

One of the best ways to Beat Redundancy Blues, is to start gaining new knowledge, new skills and new experience. Employers are looking to employ staff who are up-to-date, flexible, adaptable, easy to teach; and who already come with experience, knowledge and skills that are either required to do the job, or can be adapted to it.

Attitude is all – Even if you have up-to-date skills, experience and knowledge, unless you have the right attitude and mindset for the job; either you won’t get it or you won’t stay in it.

One of the best ways of gaining new knowledge and skills, is to attend seminars, training and workshops. I go to business seminars every year, that often have workshops too. They are a great way of connecting with like-minded people and thought leaders, to boost your self-confidence and self-esteem. That in turn, will help give you a winning attitude for success.

What seminars, training and workshops have you attended? And how have they helped you?

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Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver – Have you ever had a dream?

Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver signing Sandra Bellamy’s Profit Into Passion Book
Andy Harrington Passion Into Profit Book
Andy Harrington – The Speaker’s Academy – Passion Into Profit Book
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver
Sandra Bellamy being taught by Andy Harrington at his Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington's Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington's Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course, and is learning his systems.

Have you ever had a dream? Something you have always wanted to do, but didn’t? Someone you have always wanted to meet, but it never happened? A lifestyle you always aspire to? A dream job?

Stop what you are doing right now and answer these questions:

Why haven’t you achieved your dream yet?

What is stopping you from achieving your dream?

What are you prepared to sacrifice or give up, to achieve your dream?

How are you going to achieve your dream?

What goals and action plan are you going to put in place, to achieve your dream?

Think about these, and write down your answers to form a framework for how to achieve your dream.

One of my dreams is to be a world renowned author and an inspirational speaker on stage in London, but it’s never going to happen unless I take action. I am taking action to achieve these, as I recently went to London to attend Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver, world-class speaker training. Andy is a well known public speaking expert.

Redundancy is the perfect opportunity to follow your dreams, because you have no job to tie you down and hold you back.

Seize this moment to achieve your dreams.

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Enabling the less abled into employment


Hi Everyone

You are probably waiting to read the A-Z of Redundancy that is coming soon but in the meantime I wanted to share with you something that happened today.

I got invited to take a tour of St Loye’s Foundation in Exeter. That is essentially an education establishment for people with disabilities, or to use the correct terminology, the less-abled or differently-abled. Their website address is: This year they are celebrating their 75th Anniversary of being a national charity with the aim of getting people into employment.

Their mission: “With our range of services, we support people with physical or mental health conditions and disabilities into lasting employment.”

I was given a tour of the Foundation by Community Fundraiser Phil Roberts.  The building was light and airy and well equipped to meet training needs, with one computer per person and a lot of them. Spread over two floors the foundation offers a number of in-house courses to 18 years and over, that include:

And the best thing is, they will put you up in residential accommodation if you don’t live in Exeter and want to attend a course. That is subject to proof that you have got a disability and DWP terms and conditions. I would advise you to contact your local Disability Employment Advisor at your local Jobcentre Plus to discuss your options and eligibility and you can speak directly to St Loye’s Employment Team by phoning 01392 255428 to find out more about the courses.

Their address is: St Loye’s Foundation, Brittany House, New North Road, Exeter EX4 4EP.

Every person that I was introduced to at St Loye’s, made me feel welcome and at ease. The tutors were on hand to give one-to-one support with courses such as Business Administration and CAD design and I got the feeling that it was a place where people could feel comfortable and supported in their training and respected as an individual.

Some exciting news  – Soon they will be offering courses to people who are vulnerable but don’t necessarily have a disability. This means that if you are unemployed, over 19 years and claiming JSA, you will be able to take advantage of a number of training courses for free that you will find hard to get for free elsewhere in Exeter and that you may find hard to get at that level for free in the South West. For example, I have been told by an employee that they will be offering ECDL Levels, 1, 2 and 3. So log on to their website again in a few weeks time to gain access to courses for updating your skills or training for a new career.

Remember, stay positive.

Together we can beat redundancy blues.

Sandra Bellamy