If you are redundant it can be a great time to take stock of your life and start writing that book that is within you.

Many people don’t know where to start when writing a book and they procrastinate and never get started, here is my number one tip for getting started with writing your book – it’s called my ‘creative writing explosion’ technique, and in this video I explain how to start writing a book using my creative writing explosion technique, that is about ad-libbing and creating free-flowing stories on the hop. Try it out and leave your comments below – don’t forget to subscribe!

Happy Christmas xx

Thanks for sticking with me of another awesome quirky year – there are many more to come!! And keep believing in you xx


Redundancy – You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Blue Sky at night - Shepherd's delight
Beautiful sky near my home
Golden moments.

I know you are feeling weary and sad right now.

I know you are feeling lost and lonely somehow.

I know this situation has taken its toll; but make going forward your only goal.

You are stronger than you think, live life in the present, because it can vanish in a blink.

Find your passion, find your why, lives your dreams before life goes by.

Seize the moment, live for today, plan for the future day by day.

Set goals, and believe in you, take action and follow through.

You are stronger than you think you are, follow your intuition, like a guiding star.

Keep looking forward and don’t look back. The past is past, exactly that.