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Beauty Be You, Beauty Be Me! Inspirational poem by Sandra Bellamy! 

Beauty be You!
Beauty be Me!
Beauty is all around Us!
For the World to See!

But do you see IT?
In the Small things?
In the Big things?
In ALL things?

Do you recognise the beauty of Friendship?
Of Love?
Of Life?
Of Harmony or Strife?
Of Darkness or Light?

Do you see the beauty in Yourself?
In Sickness and in Health?
In Poorness and in Wealth?

Do you see the beauty in the Ordinary?
And the Extraordinary?

Beauty is You!
And beauty is Me!
That much beauty, is what I see.
From your nose, to your toes,
From your Mind, to your Spirit,
I love every Minute,
Of being with YOU xx

Make The Moment Last! Inspirational Poem By Sandra Bellamy!

Make every moment last, so it’s not likely to go past, and go unnoticed!

Make every dream become a reality, then choose to see and savour it, momentarily.

Make your feelings known, so when you grow old, there will be no regrets!

Savour the now, but work out how, you can get more moments to savour.

Find the good, the positive, the love, the light, and make every moment a delight.

Be present and feel now, trust that you will work things out somehow.

Make the moment last, so when it becomes the past, you will look back with fond memories, instead of dwelling on what might have been.

Stay positive

Sandra xx

Top Tips To Live Your Life! With The Help Of An Angel!

In this video, me and Angel talk about living the life only you were born to lead! And we wish you much February love.

Enjoy xx

Give A Little Sunshine


Give a little sunshine,
Raise a little smiile,
Make every day
so worthwhile.

Give a little sunshine,
Create a little love,
Count every day
As a joy from Above

Give a little sunshine,
Spread a little kind,
Be that person who will find,
Bliss in the smallest of things,
And cherish every moment that life brings.

Give a little sunshine,
Feel it in your heart,
Be full of life
And play your part.

Give a little sunshine,
I’ll send it back to you,
Tell you I adore you,
And love you too.

Be A Brave Warrior – Dedicated to Daisy Who is Seriously Sick!

Be a brave warrior and fight through the night,
Fight this illness with all your might,
Be strong, you are a fighter,
A survivor,
And a thriver.

Tackle this illness head on,
Stay with me
And be strong.

You are more powerful,
Than you think you are,
A super brave guinea pig, by far.

You are the best,
Under duress,
I believe in you,
Just believe in you too.

You can and will pull through,
Just go and do,
Whatever it takes,
There are no brakes.

Be a brave warrior and fight through the night,
Keep fighting this illness with all your might.

Dedicated to my Guinea Pig Daisy, who is seriously sick with a respiratory infection.

I wrote this last night and read it to her before falling asleep. She is still with me so far today.

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