Redundancy Inspiration


I Want You To Say You Love Yourself: A Motivational/Inspirational Poem By Sandra Bellamy.

Even though I am currently doing life hacks videos on this channel now, I feel the motivational/inspirational poems I did previously on this channel, compliment those.

I love this video about loving yourself, it is one of my personal favourites that I want to share with you in the hope it provides you some inspiration and helps to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling about yourself!

What do you think? I love to read you, so please comment below!

As always, stay positive and live your purpose!

Sandra xx


Redundancy Inspiration


We must say thank you to those who made us happy, to those who helped us, cared for us, appreciated us, but we must also thank those who did wrong by us, because they showed us the dark, which helped us to see the light!

Stay positive.

Sandra xx


You Are Stronger Than You Think And More Powerful Than You Know – Motivational/Inspirational Poem.

You Are Stronger Than You Think And More Powerful Than You Know- Motivational/Inspirational Poem.

Inside you, is an inner strength and power, that you are probably not aware of. It can give you an ability to make the impossible possible. It is where dreams can become a reality, where you can access the other 90% of your brain, and where you will find resilience, super intelligence, and that higher level to stimulate you. Not many people know this, but those who study personal and professional development will do. I have been studying personal and professional development since 2012 and it literally changed my life, for the better forever. I was depressed up until that time, and through personal and professional development, I was able to finally feel like I mattered in this world, that I had tons of skills, knowledge and special qualities to share with others and that I was a valuable member of society and my life was worth living. Thank the Lord I found Personal and Professional development. Soon, I will be able to help you more. I will have my own Quirky Academy online training centre, for entrepreneurs, start-ups and creatives, where you can learn from some of the best experts in their field, including me. Exciting times are ahead and I plan to bring the best to you, to help you to be the best.

In the meantime, stay super positive

Sandra xx


Pushing Through Your Boundaries! Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy

Pushing Through Your Boundaries! Inspirational/Motivational Poem By Sandra Bellamy.

This Inspirational Poem is all about facing your fears and pushing through your boundaries to get what you want in life and to achieve what you never thought possible. Because without leaving your comfort zone, you cannot stretch yourself and grow. So what are you waiting for? Take flight now, and be that “Golden Star!!”

Stay positive – Sandra xx