Launch of and Jobseekerpreneur

New Quirky Books UK  website
New Quirky Books UK website

I have finally finished creating and just launched This is a fun and funky site with a quirky theme! I had a lot of fun creating this site and now I still have to finish packing half of my case for getting up to go to London in less than 3.5 hours. Arrrgghh! I still have clothes to iron – It’s gone 3.30am and I have to get up at 6am, but first I need to finish this launch, then pack! No rest for the good! Yesterday, I launched, and I also launched on the 1st of May – 3 sites in 3 days – That is good going!!!  3 More left to do and finish – I have made a start on them!! Then I will be focusing on my Break through the barriers of redundancy book, publishing it and helping a ton of people get back in to work – That’s my aim. I am going to the National achievers Congress on Bank Holiday Monday 4th May, in London, that’s why I am going to London this morning. Nick Vijucic (No Arm, No Legs. NO LIMITS) will be the star of the inspirational/entrepreneurial seminar. Registration starts from 7.15am and it’s not due to finish until 8pm – It’s often later. It’s the first Bank Holiday I have had off from my day job in retail, I had to get permission to go from my boss. I wouldn’t want to miss Nick live on stage. Nick Vujicic LIVE in London

Nicholas James “Nick” Vujicic is an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterised by the absence of all four limbs. Wikipedia

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Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver – Have you ever had a dream?

Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver signing Sandra Bellamy’s Profit Into Passion Book
Andy Harrington Passion Into Profit Book
Andy Harrington – The Speaker’s Academy – Passion Into Profit Book
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver
Sandra Bellamy being taught by Andy Harrington at his Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington's Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington's Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course.
Sandra Bellamy has a front row seat at Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver Speaker Training Course, and is learning his systems.

Have you ever had a dream? Something you have always wanted to do, but didn’t? Someone you have always wanted to meet, but it never happened? A lifestyle you always aspire to? A dream job?

Stop what you are doing right now and answer these questions:

Why haven’t you achieved your dream yet?

What is stopping you from achieving your dream?

What are you prepared to sacrifice or give up, to achieve your dream?

How are you going to achieve your dream?

What goals and action plan are you going to put in place, to achieve your dream?

Think about these, and write down your answers to form a framework for how to achieve your dream.

One of my dreams is to be a world renowned author and an inspirational speaker on stage in London, but it’s never going to happen unless I take action. I am taking action to achieve these, as I recently went to London to attend Andy Harrington’s Stand and Deliver, world-class speaker training. Andy is a well known public speaking expert.

Redundancy is the perfect opportunity to follow your dreams, because you have no job to tie you down and hold you back.

Seize this moment to achieve your dreams.


Move yourself forward in your life! – How do you move forward?

Andy Harrington Passion Into Profit Book
Andy Harrington – The Speaker’s Academy – Passion Into Profit Book
Sandra Bellamy with Daisy
Sandra Bellamy with Daisy
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver Speaker training
Andy Harrington Stand and Deliver Speaker training

For those of you who don’t already know, my Daisy sadly died, on Sunday 15th of March, from a respiratory infection.

Sometimes in life, we can’t move on, because to do that, it is as though we are detaching ourselves from those we loved in life. In this case, if you can’t move on, move yourself forward in your life! Don’t look back. You just have to keep looking ahead. Don’t dwell, don’t churn over the situation in your mind, just accept it as it is and then look to the future. You can reflect for a while, but try not to think a long time about it.

You need time to heal, but you also need to think positively about the future. Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, so just think of that and then there is no need to ask why. You just accept the situation as it is and keep propelling yourself forward to your wonderful destiny.

How do you move yourself forward in your life?


How am I moving forward in my life?

One of my goals is to by an Inspirational Speaker on stage in London, and I am taking action to achieve it.

I am going to London for 2 nights Mon 30th – Wed 1st April, for a Stand and Deliver Speaker Training course with Andy Harrington, the World’s Expert Leading Speaker Coach. I have got his Passion into Profit book and it’s amazing. By reading Andy’s book, I now know why I wasn’t meant to publish my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book last year, because I need to write and tell my story at the front of the book.  So I still have to do this. Everything happens for a reason, it’s just whether we choose to see it or not. My intuition told me that last year I was not ready to publish it because I needed to build my websites first. I still have some more to build. Once my websites are finished, my book will be my priority, followed by more how-to books for my Quirky Books e-book store. I am so very excited and cannot wait to share all of the upcoming writing news with you, as in unfolds.

There will be about 100 people attending the Stand and Deliver Speaker training course, and it will be being filmed. I cannot wait. This is a much needed boost to my goal attainment.

Stay positive and keep being quirky you.

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Disneyland Paris Here I Come!

Hi everyone



I am off to London tomorrow with my cousin, and staying overnight. Then we are off to Disneyland Paris for 3 days, from the 1st-3rd of October. Staying overnight in London again on the 3rd. We have got a ton of excitement coming our way, and a lot of energy driven things to do. I am extremely excited. It’s the first holiday I have had in 3 years that won’t involve any work.

Therefore, my aim is to be completely work free and I won’t be able to answer your comments or check in with you, until after my holiday.

Bon voyage for now. For the continued journey of your life. I will see you when I get back.

Write, write, and write some more.


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My Invitation to St James’s Palace





Hi Everyone

As you probably know is your one stop resource for redundancy. As well as the practical aspects of redundancy it also covers health and wellbeing including stress, anxiety and depression.

You may like to know that I do voluntary work as a Health Buddy for CSV (Community Service Volunteers) in association with BBC Radio Devon. We promote health messages, learn from health specialists and encourage the 5 ways to wellbeing:

  1. Connect
  2. Be Active
  3. Take Notice
  4. Learn
  5. Give

On Wednesday 10th of March, I went to a CSV Health Buddy celebration of music and activities from local refugees who are being looked after by Devon and Cornwall Refugee Support.

I could not help but take notice of the variety of talent amongst the refugees. There were lots of activities including singing, sports, character making out of carrots and foods from their country. I learnt more about them and the foods they eat. People from different backgrounds connected and it was lovely of them to give up their afternoon to entertain and teach us.

At this event I was pleasantly surprised to be presented with a bouquet of flowers and a Certificate of Achievement for helping a distressed and vulnerable person as part of my role as a CSV (Community Service Volunteer) Health Buddy.

I was even more thrilled to be told that I had been chosen to represent the CSV organisation at their 50th anniversary celebration, to be held at St James’s Palace in London on Monday 15th of July 2013. In the presence of Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that I feel incredibly honoured to be chosen for.

Redundancy can make you feel deflated and powerless. Take back the control in your life by discovering what you were born to do and make it happen for yourself.

I am living my dreams and I want you to be too.

Stay positive

Sandra Bellamy