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How To Never Give Up On YOUR Dreams

SOS can stand for Save Our Souls – and is a cry for help! SOS can also mean Shiny Object Syndrome.

Ironically, if you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, then you’ll probably need to shout Save Ours Souls – or in the least “Save My Own Soul”, at some point.

Shiny Object Syndrome is when you keep going from one thing to the next because it seems like the better opportunity.

If you imagine you find a number of jewels in the dessert and each jewel you find appears bigger and more valuable than the previous one, and so you go after each one of those hoping it will lead you to be rich and even richer and richer, but you forget you are in a dessert and really need more water, but the jewels could buy all the water you need, and all the food you need, and the house you need… but these jewels take you further and further away from civilisation, until eventually you realise you have ended up in a drought with only your jewels for comfort as you neglected your own basic needs, in trying to find the next best thing. In being drawn to what is glowing and sparkling, and what promises to get you the results you need, while being blinded constantly to what you really need and what your heart’s desire truly wants and needs. That’s Shiny Object Syndrome.

In my entrepreneurial journey, I came to realise that much of the time we are going after other’s dreams and not our own. Because they convince us that their product or service is better than anyone else’s, and often our own inner voice gets drown out as we feel we will be missing out (FOMO) and that there is a huge magic secret formula that would allow us to get rich super quickly. Also they make you feel like you will fail if you don’t do what they say, and no one wants to be responsible for their own failure usually, as we are had wired not to want to take risks in case we get things wrong.

But, it’s better to follow your own life path and dreams, warts and all, even if you make mistakes, rather than go after someone else’s shiny object, so that you can shine your own light in the world, and leave your own lasting legacy, rather than build other people’s, so you can leave this world knowing you did your best for yourself and you own dreams, with no regrets.

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As always, stay positive.

Sandra xx

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How To Be Successful Inspirational Quote And Why You Must Live Your Dreams!

positive thinking and action quote

I love this how to be successful inspirational quote: “Your positive action, combined with positive thinking, results in success.”

Let’s face it, no one ever became successful from thinking negatively. And the more you think positively, the more you will take action and the more action you take, the more lessons you will learn on the path to success and happiness.

Sometimes it can feel like an uphill struggle, sometimes it can feel like you are beating your head against a brick wall, but the only thing you can do is to keep going, keep taking action, and keep following your intuition. Keep believing in yourself, and at least you know you gave it a chance and you are living and breathing your own dreams. Because when you are on your death bed, think of all those lost dreams, on all of those chances and risks you did not take because you were too scared, and now the only thing that scares you, is not living how you were meant to live because of narrow and shallow minds that made your own small. You are the boss of your own life and your are the ruler of your own kingdom, now go and be you and live the life of your dreams!

Until next time, stay positive and live the life of your dreams.

Sandra xx

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Life Hacks: Should You Talk To Strangers As An Adult?

WERE YOU EVER TOLD AS A CHILD, NEVER SPEAK TO STRANGERS? AND DOES THAT STILL HOLD TRUE AS AN ADULT? If you have been asking yourself this question, and are a bit afraid to talk to strangers, this is the video for you!

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So last month I changed direction from doing inspirational poems on my channel, to doing short life hack videos to help your live your best life, be your best self, and live your purpose, but did I make the right decision? Will more of you want to subscribe and hear what I have to say? How can I help you to go forward with your life and what type of videos would you like to see from me?

I know a couple of subscribers are missing my poetry, so should I go back to those types of videos? One of my subscribers suggested I do both, but I feel I need to stick to one type of video overall as that is what people are expecting when they subscribe and I want to increase my subscriber base! Plus I have too hectic schedule to fit both in each week, so would have to rotate them. So please help me by commenting below, which types of videos interest you most, so I can help you in your own life mission and journey!

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Do You Embrace Your Quirky?

Do you embrace your quirky? Do you truly embrace who you are, in the moment, and live life to the max? If not, why not? If there is one thing I hope you have learnt so far from me, it is that I embrace my quirky wholeheartedly. Embracing your quirky is all about being YOUR true authentic self, no matter what! It is about embracing your weaknesses and your strengths and truly living into yourself and be the best version of you that there can me. You have greatness within you, so embrace your quirky, embrace your individuality and live your dreams.


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If you have missed the journey of making my Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book trailer so far: Break Through Barriers – Live Your Dreams: Here is a catch up! The first video is my latest video, all of the others underneath it, are in chronological order by date, beginning with the first one. I finally got to be on stage and what you see is just a snippet from my book trailer.

I was so thrilled to have bought and received, a professional Pro Yeti Microphone, to not only be used for my book trailer, but for my future digital training courses, as part of my Quirky Academy offering. Watch this space!