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Ever wanted to learn how to design and sell something on eBay to make some extra cash, or start your own online business? But you don’t know where to start?

In this article you are going to learn step by step, how you can create inspirational quote posters to sell on eBay – or elsewhere, so be sure to pay attention and subscribe to this blog and my Make Money Make Cash channel here if you find this content helpful, informative, or valuable in some way, and you want to discover more ways to make money online. And don’t forget to hit the bell icon under my YouTube subscribe button, to make sure you never miss an episode.

Watch the video above for the full step by step tutorial on how to create and sell your own inspirational quote posters to sell on eBay or Amazon. And don’t forget to subscribe to learn how to make more money and make more cash.

When you are redundant or out of work for whatever reason, instead of spending countless hours watching Netflix, soaps, flicking through social media posts, and wasting those precious hours away, why not learn a valuable skill, so you can get started making money online? Watch the video above and read through this article below, to see how you can do just that.

Step 1 – Research what “inspirational quote posters” are selling on Amazon and eBay. Try to find designs that sell well but with low competition and read the reviews to see what people liked about them and what people didn’t like.
Step 2 – Use a software like Stencil here to create a similar design, but not the same, as the designs you noticed from your research sell well but have low competition. But make improvements to the design, based on the review feedback you read.
Step 3 – Buy a suitable printer that allows you to print on thick paper/card and gloss/photo paper, such at the Epsom ET-4750 here This printer is the one I have myself to print quotes, and it’s very economical, because it uses inexpensive bottles of ink rather than cartridges, and you usually get a set of these ink bottles with the printer. You can buy more ink bottles here
Step 4 – Choose suitable paper to print on. Make sure it’s the right GSM thickness and type, such as 160 or 180 GSM or higher photo paper. Here
Step 5 – You will need to buy hard backed envelopes to post your quote posters in, to your customers. Here
Step 6 – Create an eBay store and upload photos/file of your poster design to it.
Step 7 – Taking into account all of your eBay fees and your expenses, adverting your poster on there could get extra sales.
Step 8 – Promote your inspirational quote poster/s to your friends, family, and across your social media, with the features and benefits of why they should buy it. And voila – you are ready to sell and make money make cash.

Things you will need to start your own Inspirational Poster Quotes business, mentioned in the video and this post:

1) Stencil software – Get it here

2) Epsom Eco Tank Printer ET-4750 –


  • Up to 2 years of ink in the box. 
  • Print up to 14,000 pgs bk/11,200 clr. 
  • Equivalent to about 30 cartridge sets . 
  • Save up to 80% on ink with replacement bottles. 
  • Uniquely keyed auto-stop ink bottles. 
  • 250-sheet paper tray. 
  • 2.4″ color touchscreen. 
  • 30-sheet Auto Doc Feeder.

Comes with printer ink bottles – please note you need number 102 Epsom Ink bottles for the model I have ET-4750 which I recommend, if you buy from UK, but 502 if you buy from the .com store. (The 104 bottles showed in this video seems to be for a different Eco Tank Model, but you can check with the seller to be sure.)

3) Here is the 102 ink bottles multipack of 4 bottles –


4) Epsom Glossy Paper – OR alternative paper –


5) Hard Backed Envelopes –


Entrepreneurship isn’t easy, so do it for the journey – because it’s the journey that truly changes your life! 😍 #forthejourney

(Please note these are affiliate links, so I may get some pennies if you click through them and make a purchase, which I will greatly appreciate, thank you.)

As always, stay positive – and write your inspirational quote posters soon.

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Sandra xx

Redundancy Inspiration

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Stay positive and keep being you!

Lots of love

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