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Single Quotes To Celebrate Being Single |Quotes About Being Single | Positive and Empowering Quotes About Being Single – Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day!


Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day. Don’t forget to use #ICBSD in your Tweets and posts to show how happy you are being single and how you are celebrating it.

Today is about celebrating self-love and the freedom you have as a beautiful solo artist of life!

Watch the above video, with positive quotes about being single and being happy to be single, to inspire you to celebrate this joyous ‘Celebrate Being Single Day’ today.

As I told you in a previous post, today I am celebrating being single and self-love with a friend. We are going to the aquarium in a place called Plymouth in the UK and then for a meal in Nandos – which is a Portuguese style chicken restaurant chain! Although their first restaurant was in South Africa.

Here is a self-love video I created, don’t forget to subscribe for more inspiring quote videos!

Have a blessed day.

Lots of self-love and love from me.

Sandra xx


Redundancy Inspiration

International Celebrate Being Single Day is on Feb 14th! How Will You Be Celebrating?

International Celebrate Being Single Day is on Feb 14th, #ICBSD, and this year, for a change, I am celebrating being single, and self-love, with an asexual (asexual = absence of sexual attraction) guy friend. It will be a really different experience for me this year. As always, I go out and celebrate being single on International Celebrate Being Single Day (Feb 14th), and this year is no exception. I am going to go to the aquarium in Plymouth, then for a meal in Nandos, and invited a friend along who is also single and loves going to aquariums and for food in Nandos too. Yes, it is ironic we are both romantic asexuals, celebrating being single together, but just because you are single and celebrating that fact, does not mean you have to do that alone each year, you can hang out with friends and celebrate it together

I was in abusive relationships in the past and thankfully have been free of those for over 7 years now! I can say with my hand on my heart that I have never been happier as a single person compared to being in a relationship! If you have been in a similar situation this is one of my very favourite songs for empowering you to be a single person.

What are you up to for International Celebrate Being Single Day on Feb 14th? Or if you celebrate Valentine’s Day that day, what have you got planned?

Stay positive.

Sandra xx


The Best Kind Of Love – Is Self-Love! Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day!


These are just 5 benefits of single life and being single, I can think of many more, can you?

There is nothing better than to love oneself, because we are the only one who will be with ourself, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and if we do not have self- love, our life is going to be miserable and we are going to be a bit stuck!

All we have to do to love ourself, is to treat ourself, as we would do if we were in an ideal relationship with us. It’s that simple, or complicated, depending on which way you look at it! This means, just like in an ideal partnership, you should always:

  • Treat yourself with kindness.
  • Treat yourself with self-respect.
  • Give yourself a hug.
  • Love yourself regardless, because you just can’t help it!
  • Value your worth and the time you spend in your own company.
  • Be your best friend.
  • Help yourself in difficult times.
  • Reassure yourself that everything will be okay.
  • Know that you will get through the tough times, and encourage yourself to go for your goals, ambitions and dreams.

Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day! Today I am out on a self-date to celebrate being single on #ICBSDAY! or #ICBSD, (International Celebrate Being Single Day – Feb 14th!). Today I am going to the cinema and for a meal! And I will be even more loved up with myself than usual!

International Celebrate Being Single Day is a day I founded On February 14th, in 2015, so that no single person has to feel alone ever again on Valentine’s Day, instead, they can celebrate it as they special day! So how are you celebrating today?

Whatever you are up to, happy Valentine’s Day and International Celebrate Being Single Day, may it fill you with joy, happiness, and a lot of self-love! With much love from me, Sandra xxxx



Happy International Celebrate Being Single Day – Feb 14th 2017! #ICBSD


How are you celebrating today?

I am in Bristol later today to celebrate – going to the zoo and for a meal and to the cinema.

Lots of love and hugs, stay positive xx