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Beat Your Redundancy Blues – Doing something Different – Have a Guinea Pig or Pet Party!

When you are feeling down it’s a good idea to take your mind off things. One of the ways you can beat your redundancy blues, is to do something different and have a Guinea Pig or Pet Party! If you haven’t got pets, you could throw one for a neighbour or friend’s pet, with their permission. Or have a party for any kids you may have, or go out yourself and just have fun.


Be A Brave Warrior – Dedicated to Daisy Who is Seriously Sick!

Be a brave warrior and fight through the night,
Fight this illness with all your might,
Be strong, you are a fighter,
A survivor,
And a thriver.

Tackle this illness head on,
Stay with me
And be strong.

You are more powerful,
Than you think you are,
A super brave guinea pig, by far.

You are the best,
Under duress,
I believe in you,
Just believe in you too.

You can and will pull through,
Just go and do,
Whatever it takes,
There are no brakes.

Be a brave warrior and fight through the night,
Keep fighting this illness with all your might.

Dedicated to my Guinea Pig Daisy, who is seriously sick with a respiratory infection.

I wrote this last night and read it to her before falling asleep. She is still with me so far today.

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Why it’s okay to be emotional – An Inspirational Video

Daisy guinea pig makes her YouTube debut with an inspirational message from her and Sandra – (Look out for her being mischievous!)

Stay positive and write soon