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Happy Christmas 2018: Merry Everything and a Happy Always

Merry Everything and a Happy Always

Happy Christmas 2018: Merry Everything and a Happy Always.

I hope you have a truly beautiful and super special Christmas with lots of happiness that lasts a lifetime.

What are you doing for Christmas? I am currently at my parents with my furry kid guinea pig daughter Angel! Sadly Chestnut is no longer with me this Christmas which is tough but at least I still have my beautiful Angel.

Lots of love and don’t forget to stay positively quirky you.

Sandra xx



Happy Christmas! 10 Rules For Success in 2018!


I watched this video by Mel Robbins recently and it is definitely a must see going into the new year. If you want to be unstoppable in 2018! Check out Mel’s 10 Rules For Success! And they will make you fly!

Happy Christmas and have a fabulous 2018, stay positive

Sandra xx


Sometimes The Smallest Things Make The Biggest Difference!

Christmas Bear Bag

Christmas Bear Card

Sugar Free Chocolate Snowmen

Santas Running On Exeter Quayside

I love Christmas and I love decorating my home in a big way for it. I also love the smaller things about Christmas; such as this cute Christmas bag that my friend has put some presents in for me – the bag in itself is a gift to me.

I also love this cute Christmas card from my parents and the Santas running through the Quayside near my home.

One of the smallest things that makes me happy, are these amazing sugar free/allergen free to me chocolate snowmen. To be able to eat these at Christmas time means so much to me. With multiple food allergies and intollerances, it’s heaven and a pure pleasure for me to be able to not only eat these delicious alternative chocolates, but to feel the magic of Christmas as they each take the form of a snowman.

I remember a time outside of Christmas, not so long ago. I was in my day job and they had run out of salad in the staff canteen. A colleague who works in catering went especially to the kitchen on another floor to make a salad up for me; even though others were waiting, because he knew about my special dietary needs due to my allergies and intollerances. I was so touched by this in my heart, that it is something I will probably never forget. This made me think – Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life, that make the biggest difference.

What smallest things make the biggest difference to you?

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From the Depths of Despair to the Darkness and Light


From the depths of despair, to the darkness and light. On a cold winters morn, the Shepards delight, for the flicker of life has rekindled the flame, and now you, can start over again.

This is your time, to forget your past plight, to look to the future, and put up a fight, for whatever you want, it’s up to you, to uncover the truth, about who is you.

Once you’ve found your inner being, there’s no reason to hide, free yourself from despair, from the darkness to light, now let go of your past and take your flight.

Embrace your quirky you, with all your might, so when the end is near you can proudly say; I’ve lived MY life, every single day.

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Redundant From Work But Not From Christmas

Hi Everyone

Whilst redundant or out of work for whatever reason, Christmas can be a struggle financially, mentally and emotionally. As the big day approaches not only are you worried about how much longer you are going to be out of work and about what the new year holds in store for you, you may feel you haven’t got a lot to celebrate.

Alternatively, you could be thinking positive about your dreams, your hopes and your aspirations for the new year, about what free courses you could attend, what new things you could learn, enjoying the company of family, friends and loved ones that you wouldn’t normally be able to do because you had to work. You can get more into the Christmas spirit because you can spend more time decorating the tree and putting decorations up. You can listen to more Christmas music and watch more Christmas films than ever before because you have the time. You can catch up with people you haven’t seen in ages, you can bake that Christmas cake that seems at times to take a lifetime to cook, you can attend Christmas Fayres and carol services, you can sit in a mound of tinsel and just enjoy the fact that you are alive and can bask in the magic of Christmas.

Whatever makes you happy, just do it whilst you have the opportunity because when you do get back into work you will be thinking to yourself, why didn’t I just enjoy those moments in my life that I may never get the time to have again.

Remember, stay positive and Happy Christmas.

Sandra Bellamy