Make The Moment Last! Inspirational Poem By Sandra Bellamy!

Make every moment last, so it’s not likely to go past, and go unnoticed!

Make every dream become a reality, then choose to see and savour it, momentarily.

Make your feelings known, so when you grow old, there will be no regrets!

Savour the now, but work out how, you can get more moments to savour.

Find the good, the positive, the love, the light, and make every moment a delight.

Be present and feel now, trust that you will work things out somehow.

Make the moment last, so when it becomes the past, you will look back with fond memories, instead of dwelling on what might have been.

Stay positive

Sandra xx


Redundancy – You Are Stronger Than You Think!

Blue Sky at night - Shepherd's delight
Beautiful sky near my home
Golden moments.

I know you are feeling weary and sad right now.

I know you are feeling lost and lonely somehow.

I know this situation has taken its toll; but make going forward your only goal.

You are stronger than you think, live life in the present, because it can vanish in a blink.

Find your passion, find your why, lives your dreams before life goes by.

Seize the moment, live for today, plan for the future day by day.

Set goals, and believe in you, take action and follow through.

You are stronger than you think you are, follow your intuition, like a guiding star.

Keep looking forward and don’t look back. The past is past, exactly that.

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Be inspired to be inspirational

Hi everyone

If you want to be an inspiration, you need to be inspired by others and be an inspiration to yourself.

● Get out and about.
● Meet people.
● Network both online and offline.
● Go to seminars.
● Attend workshops.
● Watch inspirational films, particularly based on true stories, about people achieving their dreams.
● Read inspirational books, blog posts and quotes.
● Listen to inspirational music.
● Watch motivational videos and listen to motivational speakers.
● Go to business shows and learn from keynote speakers.

Be your authentic self, and use your life achievements to encourage others to realise their own.

I am going to The Business Show in London next week, to be inspired by others to bring more inspiration to you.

Here are some photos from business shows/seminars that I have been inspired by.

The last photo is of the book I won at last year’s, The Business Show.

Stay positive