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How To Make Money As A Healer And Artist – 27 Things That Will Transform Your Life From Stuck, Suck, To Sensational ♥️

If you’ve been made redundant and lost your job for whatever reason, you may feel like you are stuck and your life sucks, but instead of thinking it’s all doom and gloom, I’m here to let you know, it’s not.

This is the opportunity to transform your life and your thinking, for the better, forever.

How do I know?

Because I’ve been made redundant 3 times in my life, and each time I’ve learned something that’s propelled my life forward in a good way, that’s been beyond my imagination.

Each time I’m been made redundant, I’ve used my time wisely to learn news skills, to up-skill my current skills, and gain new experiences. I’ve studied new things, taken courses, attended seminars and webinars, and ultimately expanded my knowledge and expanded myself, so I’ve grown tremendously as a result.

This is the time of your life, where you can do the same.

So if you’ve ever dreamt about writing that book and becoming a best-selling author, if you’ve ever felt the creative urge to splurge to produce a piece precious artwork, or you’ve ever had a spiritual calling which made you realise you are built for a higher divine purpose, then this post is exactly for you.

On my Make Money Make Cash channel, I teach people how to make money online and I interview other authors, entrepreneurs, and creatives, how they make money doing what they love, so you can do the same.

In the video below I interview Monica Ramirez Warrior Of Love about how to make money as a healer and artist, by healing and loving yourself first.

Monica is a transformational belief coach. She helps others go from confusion to confidence to design the life of their dreams.

A certified N.L.P, B.Q.H (Hypnotherapy), Life Coach, Reiki Master, Galactic Akashic Record Reader, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Psychic Channeller, Best Selling Author, Artist, Podcaster, and Founder of Path to the Heart – which is a transformational system.

Monica has a wealth of knowledge and experience which she shares in this deeply impactful and insightful interview that is sure to leave you feel inspired, educated, and ready to make a positive change in your own life to take it to another level entirely.

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But I will warn you, be prepared to learn valuable information that is sure to move you to take action and give you an entirely new perspective of multiple aspects of your life that will take your breath away

In this video you will learn these 27 things that will transform your life from stuck, suck, to sensational:

  1. What Are Akashic Records And How Do Akashic Records Work.

  2. What Is Channelling And How Does Channelling Work.
  3. How To Teach Blind People To Paint.
  4. What Are Spirit Guides And How Do Spirit Guides Work.
  5. What’s The Difference Between Your Guides And Higher Self.
  6. How To Get Started Making Money With Art – How To Make Money As An Artist.
  7. How To Get Clients For Spiritual Work – Get Paid For Spiritual Work.
  8. What Is Reiki – What Does It Mean To Use Reiki And How Does It Work With Vortex And Chakras.
  9. The Harsh Truth About Making Money Teaching Spirituality / How Hard Is It To Teach Spirituality.
  10. What Does It REALLY Take To Be A Healer Because We’re Not All Golden Coins.
  11. What Steps To Take To Make Money As An Artist Or Spiritual Healer.
  12. How To Become A Best Selling Author.
  13. How To Become A Spiritual Speaker.
  14. How To Ask The Universe For Money | How To Get Money For Whatever You Want From The Universe.
  15. What’s The Difference Between Spirituality And Intuition.
  16. How To Make A Million Using Law Of Attraction – How To Become A Millionaire Using Law Of Attraction.
  17. How To Attract The Right Clients For Your Business.
  19. How To Eliminate Shadows FAST.
  20. How To Create Your New Reality.
  21. 3 Action Steps To Build A Passion Based Business – How To Turn Your Passion Into A Profession.
  22. How Lower Consciousness Keeps You Stuck.
  23. Why Are People Obsessed With Money – Why Are People Fascinated With Money.
  24. How To Get Money And How To Keep Money.
  25. How To Reprogram Your Money Mindset For Success And Happiness – Reprogram Your Money Mind Now.
  26. What Is Synchronicity | How Does Synchronicity Work | Synchronicities Explained.
  27. How To Stop Repeating Patterns | How To Stop Repeating Patterns Of Abuse | End Patterns Of Abuse.

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You can connect with Monica here 

As always, Make Money Make Cash for the journey, because it’s the journey the truly changes your life.

Much love, light, and happiness, for a fantastic year ahead.

Sandra xx