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Asexual Perspectives by Sandra Bellamy (Book Review) — A Voice in the Void

Sex! Oh no! If that’s what you think, or you don’t see sex in the way that others do, then you could be asexual.

Asexuality in broad terms is a sexual orientation that is the lack of sexual attraction. If you are asexual, you can feel so lost and alone, especially when society tends to put sex on a pedastool and leads you to believe that everyone wants sex, as it’s natural. Well I can say for definite, that is isn’t natural for everyone. Some people just won’t want sex and don’t like to have it.

Check out this post below from a Voice In The Void, who not only bought a copy of my Asexual Perspectives book, but who explains the significant impact this book had on them and their life. And you can grab your copy of Asexual Perspectives 47 Asexual Stories book now, on Amazon here

I thought that I would do a review of a book written by Sandra Bellamy regarding asexuality. She has written a few books (I’ll likely review others) and is currently writing another as I write this, which should hopefully be available soon. The book I shall discuss today is “Asexual Perspectives, 47 Asexual Stories” with […]

Asexual Perspectives by Sandra Bellamy (Book Review) — A Voice in the Void
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