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How To Start 2021 Strong And Motivated – My Top 12 Takeaways To Make 2021 Your Best Year!

I just finished watching a 4 hour live stream with Brendon Burchard and many experts in their field, for how to be strong and motivated in 2021. It was all about having more growth days, so making progress in multiple aspects of your life, through honouring the struggle and the journey, and doing less of ‘more’ things and more of the right things. (The live stream is currently on Brendon’s channel above, don’t miss out, watch it now!)

Here are 12 more insights from that stream, to make 2021 your best year:

  1. Learn how to turn down the volume on other people’s opinions and trust your inner knowing, otherwise they drain out your own voice, and then you can’t hear yourself and know what you really want.
  2. Listen to your inner knowing and ask yourself, “what’s important to me?” Have faith and intuition, and believe it’s possible to achieve your dreams, even if all the odds are stacked against you.
  3. Be silent and learn how to hear yourself and trust yourself. Know who you are and trust it. Trust in yourself. Know you are enough.
  4. Be authentic, fun, alive, goofy, dorky; whatever is your true self, so you can bring joy to your life and balance out the times when you are going to have to do work you don’t want to do.
  5. It’s usually 5 years before your business will explode and you start to see the results you desire.
  6. Take a deep dive in to the root cause of why you do what you do, rather than just the superficial cause. Keep asking yourself why, why, why. Why do you want to inspire others?
  7. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, and let go of the outcome and expectations of that outcome.
  8. Be confident in 2021, by being your own biggest fan and high five yourself in the mirror when you wake up each day. Love yourself in spite of your past and any childhood trauma you might have experienced.
  9. Money is just a tool to free yourself to live your best life.
  10. In the next 6 months ask yourself, “what do I need” in terms of, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational health? Write those down and pick the steps that matter most to achieve them and plan how you are going to address each of those, over the next 7 days; the next 6 months; and the next year.
  11. Leave the thing you know is NOT right for you.
  12. You are going to fail and struggle when trying something new. But remember your struggles are a reflection of your humanity, not your inadequacy. Once you back down when you feel struggle, you’ll never make traction. Struggle is inevitable. Move forward and honour that struggle and the journey.

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