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So you think you know the definition of SEX? Think again…

So you think you know the definition of SEX? Think again… In this new series of re-defining SEX, Kirsty, who is a lesbian, is interviewing a wide range of people about what they think about sex and how they define it. And it’s not what you think! I was absolutely thrilled she asked me to take part in this series and give my definition of sex, from an asexual point of view!

I can’t wait for my interviewe to be premiered on her channel, this Sunday, 13th of September, 2020, at 9am (GMT+1). So set your alarm now, and be sure to show up!

Highlights include:

02:05– Looking at some of the main sub categories within the Asexuality spectrum

3:55– Sandra’s Asexual Coming Out Story

5:37– What is the sex experience like for someone who is asexual?

6:33– What does a healthy, happy relationship look like to you?

7:25– What is the difference between arousal and sexual attraction?

10:45– Changing the current definition of sex

13:00– Looking at Sandra’s book

The premiere is about 15 minutes long, but the podcast version on the Redefining Sex podcast on Spotify will be the full interview and is about 40 minutes long.

As always, stay positive

Sandra xx

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