Redundancy Inspiration

Improve Your Money Mindset – Watch Patrice’s Inspiring Story How She Went From £18,000 Debt To Owning A 7 Figure Business!

It’s one thing to earn money, but another to learn how to keep it. The more your salary increases, the more your spending tends to increase also. When you are made redundant (or laid off they call it in the USA), you have to adjust your spending to your new low income lifestyle, and at first it can be super tough, but it can be done. The more you can control your money when you have less of it, the more you should be in the habit of appreciating it more when you finally get more of it, and be able to spend less by living off a lower amount.

If you want to improve your money mindset, watch Patrice’s inspiring story how she went from £18,000 Debt, to owning A 7 Figure Business! In this video Patrice is not only captivating, but she gives practical tips and useful advice on not only how to manage our own money, but as a couple too, if you have got a partner. I hope you find this video, useful, helpful, and insightful. Please let me know what you think in the comments below, as I love to read you.

Stay positive

Sandra xx


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