Redundancy Inspiration

The 3 Costs Of Making Progress in Your life! Why change is hard and how to deal with change!

Making change in your life is really tough, I know that from personal experience. But I also know I can do a lot of things I could never do before by pushing my boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone. Such as I can do multiple live streams time and time again with no script at all!

Why change is hard:

  1. Dealing with the unknown
  2. Dealing with rejection
  3. Dealing with struggle

I love Brendon’s advice most about believing in your ability to work things out! This has helped me lots!

I love the fact Brendon says you can have a second chance every single day!

“Live the fullest expression that you can be!”

Which advice do you like the most?

Until next time, stay positive.

Love Sandra xx


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