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9 Ways To Train Your Brain Every Day And Why It’s A Must!

train your brain

5 simple exercises you can do every day to train your brain:
1. Read a book
2. Change your surroundings and regular routes
3. Concentrate, delve into details
4. Memorise information, learn poems
5. Think positively

Your brain is your life force. If you don’t keep your brain alive, you die inside, it’s as simple as that. Once your brain has no juice to keep it going, and no hope because it has nothing to live for, it dies inside and so do you with it. This is what happened to my Grandma when she was in a nursing home that no longer stimulated her mind, and in my opinion did not even care for her in the most humane way they could have done, but at least I had her for 96 years and so I am very thankful and grateful for that. Although most of those years were before she went in there. I pray I am always able to look after myself or pay for myself to have care in my own home in years to come should I need it, because I would not wish that on anyone. I used to think I would like to be in a nursing home if need be in the future as I would always have company and make friends but not when you are not able to go to the toilet when you want and peeing yourself or into a pad so it seeps out onto the chair is acceptable. Don’t worry, I did fight for her while she was alive, and had meetings with the manager/s, but to no positive outcome, in fact I was almost banned from seeing her and that stopped me seeing her when I really needed to. That is why it is so very important that even if your body is not in the best state of heath, you make sure your brain is kept alive so you can think for yourself and stay in your own home. After a fall she was put in there and stayed there and at first they had activities to stimulate the resident’s mind but then they stopped having those, although to the public it was a different story.

My Grandma used to do word searches while in her own home and that really helped and my parents do crosswords to keep their brain active and alive. My mum also watches a lot of TV programmes that ask general knowledge questions and my dad although retired blacksmith, has a non-profit organisation at the age of 72 years and now works up to 5 days a week, doing courses in Blacksmithing. He helps a lot of people with special needs to gain confidence and self-esteem through working with metal as well as those without special needs and people come from all over the world to attend. Some people buy gift vouchers to give as a birthday or Christmas present or other.

So whatever you do, keep your brain active as much as possible, so you maintain a good quality of life and your independence, and you also keep your morale up.

6. Listen to motivational and thought-provoking YouTube videos.

7. Watch films that make you think about life, the world, planet, and universe!

8. Read things that help you to learn skills.

9. Do things that give you incredible experiences to make you think differently.

How are you keeping your brain active and alive? Please comment below because I love to read you!

As always, stay positive and live your quirky dreams.

Sandra xx

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What friends do you need the most to improve your life!

Great friends are hard to come by. Life-long friends are hard to come by and I value each and every one of my friends. But what friends do you need the most to improve your life! Brendon gives great and insightful advice about what friends you need the most and those you need to keep in your life to improve it!

I have some really special growth friends in my life and I love spending time with them so much, sadly they are spread out all around the UK, but we do keep in touch regularly and I am so thrilled I have them for life I believe!

As always, stay positive.

Love Sandra xx


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The 3 Costs Of Making Progress in Your life! Why change is hard and how to deal with change!

Making change in your life is really tough, I know that from personal experience. But I also know I can do a lot of things I could never do before by pushing my boundaries and getting out of my comfort zone. Such as I can do multiple live streams time and time again with no script at all!

Why change is hard:

  1. Dealing with the unknown
  2. Dealing with rejection
  3. Dealing with struggle

I love Brendon’s advice most about believing in your ability to work things out! This has helped me lots!

I love the fact Brendon says you can have a second chance every single day!

“Live the fullest expression that you can be!”

Which advice do you like the most?

Until next time, stay positive.

Love Sandra xx

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Rewire Your Brain For Success In 5 Minutes Using This Technique To Change Your Life !

This video I only recently started to use, along with the other two meditations mentioned in the last two posts, it is extremely powerful! Try it and tell me what you think. Did it open your mind for success and clear the clutter?

Did it work for you? What did you think?

If you have any suggestions of meditations or videos that will help rewire our brain for wealth and success, please share them in the comments below so we can all benefit from them.

Until next time, stay positive.

Sandra xx