Redundancy Inspiration


So I had to make a decision. Now I am doing life hack videos should I still publicly publish my guinea pig birthday party videos. I thought carefully about this but not for long, and decided I still want to keep my channel Quirky and be free to express other parts of my life and be me, so I decided to just publish it and see what happens. Not a personal or professional development video as such, but a lesson on screen, of the most powerful emotion you can experience in your life – true, unconditional love!

CHESTNUT GUINEA PIG 4TH BIRTHDAY SPECIAL! GUINEA PIG BIRTHDAY PARTY! Chestnut had her 4th Birthday recently and so here is the video I did for her birthday card and present opening! Because Angel is now diabetic, Chestnut moved with Angel who has gone to my parents to be looked after and injected. It was a hard decision emotionally, but the right one for Angel. This is why I say I miss Chestnut so much! You can read my emotional post about it on my blog here

As always, stay positive and live your purpose.

Sandra xx

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