The Power Of Decisions To Make You Invincible!

When you have been through a lot in your life, it is easy to doubt yourself, to feel weak and helpless. Over time, you can learn to trust yourself, to trust your gut instincts, and you can learn to be invincible. The whole process requires baby steps. Make a decision, stick to it, reflect on how it worked out, then make another decision, then another and another!

Believe it or not, I only realised recently the true power of decision making in creating the invincible version of myself! And you can use it too, to make yourself more invincible! If you have been in bad or unhealthy relationships where your opinion was belittled, or you were made to feel small and under threat if you had a decision to make and you may make the wrong one if you go with what you think, then it makes decision making extremely difficult. I have been in those situations. One major influence in my life use to say things like, “I’m just here to pick up the pieces”, “If you say so, do whatever, because I know you will anyway”, often using a sarcastic tone of voice – implying that every decision I make is going to be the wrong one, making me feel invalid, and that making any decision for myself is in some way is going against them and likely going to fail because they know it will. This puts you in a super scary position, because it makes you feel like you are not supported and in a constant state of threat. It undermines your confidence and instigates anxiety and uncertainty, and to put this right after so many years is tough, but I know I need to keep pushing through my fears if I want to be truly invincible and to move forward with my life! Right now I am working on this, it’s a work in progress. I am trusting my instincts far more, acting more on my gut feelings and intuition, and making more decisions without trying to second guess myself all the time.

So know that you can change your life, it takes a lot of will power, determination, and it is a long journey – but will be worth it. You have to learn to let go of being perfect and accept that either mistakes can be made, or you will learn a ton of life lessons, either way, you will keep getting stronger and everything will work out and be okay and in that way – you will become invincible!

Stay positive, Sandra xx