Happy Christmas! 10 Rules For Success in 2018!


I watched this video by Mel Robbins recently and it is definitely a must see going into the new year. If you want to be unstoppable in 2018! Check out Mel’s 10 Rules For Success! And they will make you fly!

Happy Christmas and have a fabulous 2018, stay positive

Sandra xx


6 Steps To Letting Go: How to let go in 6 Steps: How to let go of a job due to redundancy: How to let go of a relationship!

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One of my subscribers ask me these questions, “How to let go? What is the best way?” I thought my answers were very relevant to being made redundant and how to let go of a job due to redundancy, as well as how to let go of a relationship. So here they are, especially for you. Do they help you? Let me know in the comments below!

Step 1: Grieve and allow yourself to let it out – bottling it up never helps and will prolong the bad feeling. Many of us are taught not to this as crying is weak – but it is the opposite. Crying and letting it out takes courage, allows you to love and feel great and goodness in your heart again and far quicker.

Step 2: Believe everything happens for a reason good or bad. Letting out the pain, allows for good again and there is a reason why your circumstances change and it is so good and better stuff, or new stuff, can come your way. Positive thinking is the key to surviving and thriving!

Step 3: If it was a relationship or job that has gone, think of all the negative and bad stuff about it, and think of how you can improve your life going forward and reassess what you want from your relationships, jobs and life. If we do the same thing, we stagnate, so a change is good. Once we can see the bad and negative things we left behind, we can feel better about the present and more confident and happy about what exciting and new things are coming our way – this is the mindset you need to adopt. Shift it from thinking change is bad, to thinking change is great, otherwise life would be so very boring. Think – ‘what is coming next, if there are obstacles, I can deal with it, I believe in me, I am intelligent and will find a way!!’

Step 4: Think of a good life, a future life, and set some goals for what you want your life to be like, then take action to achieve those one by one – action is key to success.

Step 5: Take responsibility for your whole life. Believe that you and you alone are in charge of your own life and responsible for it. We cannot change others actions, we can only do the best we could do at the time, with the circumstances we allowed ourselves to be in, and that now, you see, it’s time move on and forward and keep growing.

Step 6: Put your mind, energy, effort and skills into learning personal and professional development stuff – whether that is listening or learning form me or others – it will help you grow yourself and take your mind off negative things. One you start growing yourself, you will love yourself far more.

Is this helpful? What do you do to let go? Share in the comments below!