How to Improve Your Writing – Video 1

How To Improve Your Writing – Video 1. To quote Brendon Burchard, ‘Common sense is not always common practice’. In this how to improve your writing training series, I will look at some of the ways to improve your writing. This is video one of 6.

I am off from my day job for 7 days to rest; recharge; to work on my Asexual Perspectives book and go to a small asexual meet-up that I organised; catch up on admin; and create a weekly schedule for my 7 business niches now I have decided to pursue my passion of creating an Ebook store full of my own books to help you in your own personal and professional development and go for gold where Kindle is concerned.

Stay positive



8 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Writing – Video 1”

      1. It’s going in fits and starts. I get somewhere and suddenly run out of steam and ideas. Then I have to go back and correct a load of stuff because it doesn’t make sense. So, it’s getting there slowly.

      2. I remember when I was writing my fiction novel that the characters used to tell me what happened next and I never understood when I heard other writers saying their characters spoke to them, and then it happened to me and made writing easier – but I decided to stop writing it and focus on other genres. I prefer to write smaller non-fiction books quicker because although I don’t have writer’s block, I do procrastinate about writing/editing a big book and then it takes longer. Keep perservering and think about doing a book of Flash Fiction as you are especially awesome with that.

      3. Yep. I think this is the solution to your problem and the answer to your prayers. Go in this direction and I think it will be an awesome author career move forward for you, as it’s what you are well known for exceling in and what most people are likely to buy from you who are already following you and like that. It’s your niche and will also nourish your creative mind more. Glad to help you.

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