What is the number one mistake writers make?

What is the number one mistake writers make? To quote entrepreneur Brendon Burchard’s phrase, common sense is not always common practice. Watch to discover more! Don’t forget to subscribe!

If you have been made redundant, why not share your life experiences with others and write a book for others to learn from? Everyone has a book in them, what’s yours?


When You Think of Beauty – What do You See?

Quayside in Exeter
Exeter Quayside

When you think of beauty, what do you see? A reflection of you, or a reflection of me?

When you think of beauty, what makes you smile, what brightens your life and makes it worthwhile?

When you think of beauty, do you see what I see, a reflection of real beauty? Not something perfect, or something just right, but perfectly perfect, in it’s own right!

When you think of beauty, just look in the mirror or the river, and see what is reflecting right back at you! Be cofident, secure, and happy in all you do. For there is no beauty that even comes close, to the one when you are being yourself the most!


Smiling a little goes a long way!

When we smile a little towards others, it not only makes us feel great because it’s hard to be upset and miserable with a face expressing happiness, but it always makes the recipient feel acknowledged and warm inside. The more we do this, the more we help others, and in turn help ourselves. So make it your mission to smile more at others, smile at least 3 times a week and increase it to at least once a day. A smile a day, keeps the doctor at bay!