Sometimes The Smallest Things Make The Biggest Difference!

Christmas Bear Bag
Christmas Bear Card
Sugar Free Chocolate Snowmen
Santas Running On Exeter Quayside

I love Christmas and I love decorating my home in a big way for it. I also love the smaller things about Christmas; such as this cute Christmas bag that my friend has put some presents in for me – the bag in itself is a gift to me.

I also love this cute Christmas card from my parents and the Santas running through the Quayside near my home.

One of the smallest things that makes me happy, are these amazing sugar free/allergen free to me chocolate snowmen. To be able to eat these at Christmas time means so much to me. With multiple food allergies and intollerances, it’s heaven and a pure pleasure for me to be able to not only eat these delicious alternative chocolates, but to feel the magic of Christmas as they each take the form of a snowman.

I remember a time outside of Christmas, not so long ago. I was in my day job and they had run out of salad in the staff canteen. A colleague who works in catering went especially to the kitchen on another floor to make a salad up for me; even though others were waiting, because he knew about my special dietary needs due to my allergies and intollerances. I was so touched by this in my heart, that it is something I will probably never forget. This made me think – Sometimes it’s the smallest things in life, that make the biggest difference.

What smallest things make the biggest difference to you?