Life Is But A Dream – Or Is It?






Life Is But A Dream – Or Is It?

Some days you just can’t believe your eyes, you open the door and there is a world of possibilities out there, just waiting to happen. Some my be scenic, others beautiful, and others are darn right quirky! You may see things you never thought you would see and you may think to yourself, is this a dream?

That’s the beauty of life; you never know what’s around the corner, and just as much as it may be scary, it is also the most appealing thing about life itself. Take for example, the photos of these cushions tied to benches in the High Street in Exeter – It was a bit of a WTF – What the flipping heck! Moment. They are so beautiful and hand made – but fancy seeing them on my way to work! Contrast that with the after effects of the Eclipse that happens once in a blue moon – it you pardon the unintentional, but sounding great pun! And you have a whole load of quirky going on!

So next time you see something that you think is ‘impossible’ – just remember ‘I’m Possible’, and never stop believing that you can create your own destiny, and makes things happen for you. If you take the required action, dreams can come true.


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