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Wherever there is light there is hope!

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Wherever there is light, there is hope!

Even on the darkest of days

When the shadows cast their ugly spell.

Even in the rain fill hours and the blood spilled days,

There is hope.

Wherever there is laughter,

There is light,

Wherever there is light, there is life.

Wherever there is life, there is hope.

Wherever there is sadness and despair,

Bitterness and hatred,

Light will always be there.

When light takes hold of you and cuddles you in its arms,

When it propels you forward, with all its charm,

When it sings you a lullaby,

When you feel like dying or want to cry,

When you had almost given up,

The light of love shines from above,

It nurses you back to strength and vitality,

It makes you see the light

And now you see me.

I have always been here watching you,

Looking out for you,

And bringing you hope too.

Because wherever there is hope

There is light.

Wherever there is light

You can finally see the night,

You can experience the moon and the stars,

You can look forward to tomorrow

And the next day, and the next.

For wherever there is light there is hope

And wherever there is hope, there is always light.

Cast away the shadows,

Free yourself from the dark,

Put your best foot forward

And grab that quirky spark,

The one that’s unique to you

Embrace yourself

And all that you do.

Look forward and never look back,

if you can do that forever,

Just that,

You with find the meaning of true love,

A love of life

And a will to

Never give up!




The ABC of genuine happiness – Z

I love this post by my friend Ute. It is so important to be around people who make you feel great about yourself, who make you feel special and valuable in your own quirky right.

If you want to beat redundancy blues, or indeed any blues, encourage and welcome all positivity into your life. Embrace every positive thing, however small, and write down 5 positive things about your life every day, to make you feel great and happy to be alive.

Ute smile

The ABC of Genuine Happiness


Z – Zap Negativity

Oh yes,

Negativity brings you down, being with negative people all the time will make you feel negative and down. Let’s see life in a positive way.

Life is fantastic, it is what you make it and even on a bad day there is something positive at the end of the day. Even if it is something small. Seeing the small things and being grateful for it is the best way to find positivity in your life and surroundings. Enjoy your breath in the cold air,  enjoy being alive, enjoy the bird in the tree singing, enjoy the peaceful 5 minutes you get in a busy day, enjoy the hug you give.

Enjoy every moment. Every moment is precious!


… to be continued ….oh no it is finished.

This is the last post on the ABC of happiness and it is about positive attitude…

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