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Don’t be afraid to have fun!



Don’t be afraid, to have fun,
You only get one life, just one.

You owe it to yourself,
To do what makes you happy,
Now jump to it,
Make it snappy.

Don’t waste your time,
Worried about what others think,
Your life will be over,
In a blink.

Reach deep inside your heart,
And understand that part,
Of you that’s crying out,
Wanting to scream and shout –
This is me, this is what I love to do,
It may seem strange and a bit cookoo,
But it’s what I love to do,
Not you, but me,
It fills me with glee,
And now that I have been set free,
To do as I like,
And as I please;
I find time to have some fun
And I have found my happiness;
I have won,
The meaning of life,
It’s not all about trouble and strife,
It’s about letting go
And not being afraid to know,
Not everyone will share the same joys as you,
That’s why it’s best to,
love what you do.

Be bold, be brave, go out and play,
Don’t be afraid to have some fun,
You only get one life,
Yes, one!


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