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Be real – Never fake it!

As a tribute to my Grandma who died yesterday, and who always believed in being her authentic self, I have written this poem to inspire you.

Sandra Bellamy's Grandma









It doesn’t matter where you are, or what you do,

Just ensure, you are being you.

Your life is your own, it’s what you make it,

Be real, never fake it.


If you what to laugh, laugh,

If you want to cry, cry,

If you want to be a bit crazy,

Do it before you die.


Sing in the moment,

Dance in a daze,

Look around you,

Feel Amazed.


Be your authentic self

No matter what.

Be grateful in life,

For what you‘ve got.


Don’t be afraid to show who you are,

You’ll attract others from near and far.

Never lose sight of the quirky you,

Never stop, go and do.


Seize your moment,

Chase your dreams,

Dance in the rain

And catch sun beams.


Life is for living

The way you choose,

Doing what makes you happy

And keeps you amused.


Forget the past,

Embrace the now.

Chase your rainbows,

Follow your wow!


Be real,

Never fake it,

Pursue your dream

Until you create it.







12 thoughts on “Be real – Never fake it!”

      1. It doesn’t matter about the rhythm. There are different names to different poem styles. The main thing is that it came from the heart.

      2. I used to write ‘poems’ all the time, especially when I was young. I used to write verses in my Grandma’s card and other people’s, including elderly ladies. They used to love my poems but when I did a poetry workshop and got told about correct rhythm and rhyme, I felt I could no longer call them poems because they weren’t correct.

      3. There is no “correct” or “incorrect” way of writing them. They come out as poems, or poetry. Both as good as each other.

      4. I guess when I am feeling up to it, I will write some more. I believe I have had an increase in followers lately because of my poems/inspirational stuff that I have been posting.

      5. Or maybe they they like your positivity 🙂 Or both. Or your positively good poems. Or your poetic positivity. Okay, I can’t see anywhere else to go with that

      6. That made me laugh. It’s good and very positive. I need to laugh and smile right now as it’s the best medicine. Your comments are lovely.

      7. Yay for comments. 😀 I was watching This Morning today, and they came out with a few groaners.

        What do you call someone else’s cheese?
        Nachos (Not yours)

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