Be Brave. Even If You Are not, Pretend To Be. No One Can Tell The Difference

Hi everyone

In order to break through your barriers of redundancy, be brave.

Stay positive

A Mixed Bag

Sometimes the bravest people are the most scared. That is what bravery is. It is standing there in the face of adversity when all you want to do is to run away and hide somewhere. Bravery is continuing to smile when you only want to cry. Bravery is stepping outside when you only want to curl up in your sanctuary. Bravery is standing there with a strong posture when your knees are ready to give out. Bravery is saying “no”.

Be brave. Take that step. Each following one will be easier until you are running and free. You can do it. I have faith in you. Have faith in yourself.

Thanks for the quotes go to:

Lessons Learned In Life

Psychosomatically In Love (blog)

Smile At Me (blog)


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