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Monday Inspiration: Defining Creativity

Hi everyone

If you are redundant and are trying to figure out what to do with your time, other than job hunt, why not get creative?

With creativity you can write, draw, paint, do pottery, create music, make things, and set your mind free. You can also add value to your own life and that of others.

Find out more about creativity from the short video below.

Staff positive


If you have never watched anything by Sir Ken Robinson or read any of his books, you’re in for a treat. I have spent entire days watching his talks on TED and YouTube and let’s just say if this great thinker was not already knighted I would have started a petition myself!

This particular short video is on imagination and creativity. In it Sir Ken Robinson reminds us that in order to be creative you have to DO things.   There’s no point in saying “I’m creative because I have a wild imagination” and not actually do something about applying your imagination.  Dreaming up things = imagination but applying imagination = creativity.

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beat redundancy blues, beatredundancyblues, beatredundancyblues highlights for 2013, Break through the barriers of redundancy, Redundancy

Check this out! He’s breaking through his barriers, what about you?


All that we need – each other!

Have some love.

The Why About This

By Karpati Gabor

There are days

when all that we need is a gentle touch.

… a soothing hug.

… a welcoming smile.

… an understanding look.

… a shared moment in time.

… So we don’t feel so empty,

… so frightened by both the known and the unknown,

… so angry by the unfairness of life,

… so bewildered by changes,

and so infinitely alone –

There are days when all that we need is each other!

 © Michal Bednarek |

Please … share, give, love!

~ Penny

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Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

These positive thoughts are from my Blogger friend Al. I love the last two:
– When life challenges you, show life, that you are up for it.
– Breathe in the beauty of this moment.

Remember you are special, because you are you.

Stay positive

A Mixed Bag

I was out with my sister on Saturday, and she was backing into a parking spot and these two old dears stood waiting. I smiled and waved at them, and one of the ladies, her face lit up like a Christmas tree. She had a smile that from ear to ear and beyond. She kept waving and giving a thumbs up, then nudged her friend and waved again, pointing over. It was so nice being the reason that she smiled. I may have made her day, or week or month or even year. I hope she thinks of that happiness every time she feels upset. It makes me feel so good knowing the effect I had on her.

You can do that too. Give a smile, receive a smile.


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