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Congratulations – Celebrations – Writing Well

Hi Everyone

quirkybooks’ latest competition to win a signed copy of Rochelle Melander’s Write-A-Thon, was a close contest, with many people trying several ways to win.

I am pleased to announce that Casey Jo Roach is the winner of the signed copy of Write-A-Thon. Congratulations Casey.

Thanks to everyone who entered and made the competition a great success.

For this competition I asked the question: “If you could buy any self-help book, what topic would you choose and why?”

Amongst the answers were books about:

  • How to write well
  • Writing resources
  • Writing an interesting Novel
  • How to write a novel quickly
  • Getting published
  • Overcoming Depression
  • Mindfulness
  • Stress
  • De-stressing
  • Anxiety

I thought it was remarkably interesting that two main categories shone through: Writing and Health and Well-being. I often write about writing on my blog and will be covering more of health and wellbeing on my new website. Including Depression, Anxiety and stress. So watch this future space!

If you could buy any self-help book, what would it be? Please leave a comment below.

Write soon.



4 thoughts on “Congratulations – Celebrations – Writing Well”

  1. Hi Sandra,
    Those are all very interesting topics. I would also add “how to overcome procrastination” as a sub-topic, maybe when writing about depression. I think this is a symptom of our times and of the pressure people can feel under to achieve, not let others down and “be a success”, for example. This can lead to being so overwhelmed that we procrastinate and then feel really bad about ourselves for not doing anything. A kind of downward spiral…
    Anyway, I really look forward to reading all your articles in future on the blog! Have a great Sunday, Louise

    1. Hi Louise. I always like to hear your thoughts. You raise some interesting points. I hope to be writing at least one e-Book about health and wellbeing topics such as anxiety, depression and stress that will be sold on my new e-Book store in future months but my methods may be quite quirky. As it will be sold on – Would you expect anything less?

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