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Winner of Write-A-Thon?

Hi Everyone

An enormous thanks to everyone who has taken part in the win a signed copy of Write-A-Thon competition, that is written by Author and Writing Coach Rochelle Melander.

All entries have been amazing and it has been wonderful to read your comments, see your Likes and to interact with all of you.

We have had an incredible 57 entries to the competition and in order to select a winner fairly, I let Rafflecopter make the decision by choosing a winner at random.

And the winner is ———– Amy O. Who answered the question, “What does writing mean to you?”

Amy’s answer: “It means I get to say what I want, when I want, however I want, and as often as I want.”

I thought her answer was great because I could relate to it myself, although I would probably have added “and no one can tell me I can’t.”

Some of the other answers were:

“It means I can unchain myself from the books in my head.”

“The freedom to find and use my own voice.”

“I hate it. I love having done it. An act of masochistic extreme creativity.”

“Writing is how I express ideas and opinions that come to me and communicate them to others, using my words to make them feel what I felt while writing.”

“Writing is leaving a legacy.”

“Everything! Without writing I’m not sure I could consider myself sane, there are plot lines and character quotes roaming around my head that keep telling me I must be written. ”

Write soon