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Redundancy is an opportunity not to be missed!

Hi Everyone

When you are made redundant, it hurts.  If you loved your job it hurts all the more.  You can feel confused, hurt, lost, vulnerable, insecure, upset and even betrayed.  For some people it can be a downward into depression and for some they feel their life isn’t worth living……..

Stop – Stop this right now.

These feelings are all natural given the circumstances which have been thrust upon you.  Believe me, I know what it is like, I have been there, twice.

You have to acknowledge these feelings and allow them to take their course, but not allow them to take over you.

Treat redundancy as an opportunity to:

Consider these options:
  • Turn your hobbies into a job by starting your own business, there are many free seminars you can attend and free information available on the internet
  • Take a course at college, university, or through distance learning for example with the Open University
  • Doing voluntary work or work experience gives you the perfect opportunity to explore different job roles before you make the leap
Whatever you decide to do, you must – stay positive.
Sandra Bellamy
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Have you got S.E.X. appeal?

Hi Everyone

If you want interview advice, you have come to the right place.

Follow these interview essentials to pave your way to success.

S = Smiley:
Smile, be warm and approachable.

E = Experience and Enthusiasm:
Ensure you match the job specification to your experience and speak with enthusiasm. Make the interviewer believe you have all the skills and experience they are looking for, make them believe you are the one they should employ.

X = X Factor:
Stand out from the crowd. Be the best at everything. Write the best C.V. and cover letter. Dress the best way for the job and act like you are their best candidate.

Stay Positive.

Sandra Bellamy.