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5 Things You Must Do Whilst Applying For Work

Hi Everyone

Applying for jobs can be daunting at the best of times but if you are filling in applications and trying to create an awe inspiring C.V. whilst you are still in a job, it can be a nightmare.

You must:

1) Put your health first. If you are unwell, take time out to recover. You need your current job just as much as a future one.

2) Prioritise. Apply for your favourite role immediately. Work your way through the applications in order of preference.

3) Make a checklist. Note each date you applied for the job, how you applied, what the role was for and the outcome.

4) Create a file with a copy of your every application. When you are invited for an interview, your will know what role they are referring to, to whom you should be speaking with and what you told them about yourself.

5) Quality is key. It is better to spend three hours targeting one C.V. to a specific role than to rattle fifteen off with no meaning. Get noticed, stand out from the crowd, not lost in it.

Stay positive.

Sandra Bellamy


1 thought on “5 Things You Must Do Whilst Applying For Work”

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    Stay positive.
    Sandra Bellamy

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