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Redundancy Website Coming Soon

Hi Everyone.

I am currently working many hours composing a brand new website. –

This website has been specifically designed for people who have been, or who are going to be, made redundant.

It is also for people who are currently:

  • Unemployed
  • Looking to change jobs
There will be information on :
  • Job Sites to visit
  • Counselling services
  • Interview advice
  • Organisation and time management
  • Motivation techniques
  • And so much more
With over 14 years retail experience, over 7 of which have been in Management roles, I have been made redundant twice and successfully worked my way back up the ladder.
When it comes to employment and recruitment, I have seen both sides, I know what to look out for, how to target a C.V and Cover letter that stands out from the crowd and what are big interview no no’s.
All this and more, will be at, COMING SOON.
I am sure you will agree it will be well worth the wait.
Stay positive.


Hi Everyone.

Thank you for joining me.

As this blog is in its’ infancy, I bet you are curious to know what it will offer.

I have said it will offer:


2-Important Information

3-Useful Organisations

4-So Much More

To go with the Launch of this Blog, you will soon be able to go to its’ Website and discover even more.

Watch this space…………………………………………………………………………

Stay positive.



Have You Been Made Redundant?

Hi Everyone

Welcome to the Launch of Beat Redundancy Blues.

Designed especially for You.

This Blog will bring us together on a journey of discovery, insight and support.

It is designed specifically for anyone who has been made redundant but will be equally important to anyone who is out of work for whatever reason.

It will feature useful information, websites and organisations.

As it is going to be for you, tell me what you would like me to include and lets get off to a flying start.

Write soon


If you would like learn more about me, click on the link below.